Awards and Recognitions

YEAR 2015

  • Guida agli oli extravergini di oliva di Puglia 2015 TIRSOMEDIA 2015

Le Ferre Extravirgin olive oil Multivarietale

“Clear green color with delicate yellow glares  this oil presents tones that recall ripe fruit with notes of fully ripe olive. To the palate the oil is nice having a slight perception of spicy that prevails over the bitter, definitely very moderate.”

[pg. 70]





YEAR 2014

  • Ristoranti della PUGLIA 2014-2015 LA REPUBBLICA
    We recommend: Le Ferre Extra virgin olive oil Multivarietale
    : yellow color with green hues.
    Nose: sweet fruity with aromas of almond.
    : slightly bitter with a mild and pleasant spicy aftertaste.
    Judgment: ½ 4 stars”

[pg. 340]





  • Guida agli oli extravergine di oliva di Puglia TIRSOMEDIA 2014
    Le Ferre Multivarietale“Very nice the green color with yellow highlights. At the sense of smell is complex and elegant, dominated by a green fruity of medium intensity. On the palate the paste is firm and smooth, with evident vegetal flavor and taste sensations leaned towards sweet with little bitter and spicy.”

[pg. 76]





  • Oils guide SLOW FOOD 2014
    “Le Ferre Extravirgin Multivarietale (varieties Leccino, Frantoio, Ogliarola, Coratina) is an oil with intense floral and herbaceous sensations that add to the fruit. The taste is initially sweet, with pleasant notes of almond, to following with fresh herbaceous aromas of thistle and rocket.
    Rocket that we find in the final aftertaste, thanks to a mild and balanced spicy, with persuasive sensations.”

[pag. 298]





  • Oils of Italy guide GAMBERO ROSSO  2014
    The extravirgin Multivarietale is a blend of Leccino, Frantoio, Ogliarola. At the nose looks like a medium fruity with clear and precise hints of ripe tomato. In the mouth arrives more spicy than bitter and it is completed with suggestions balsamic of resin and wood. At back of nose, remains consistent overall and showed a discrete structure.”

[pag. 353]

YEAR 2013

  • Oils extra virgin of olive of Puglia guide TIRSOMEDIA 2013
    Le Ferre Extra virgin olive oil Multivarietale. A very well done blend where the different kinds of olives combine coherently, giving substance to an oil that displays fresh fruity with clear green notes who remind the mown herb. Good balance on taste with sensations tended towards sweet, a lot spicy and bitter.”

[pag. 80]





  • Italian Accademy Historical Gastronomy – “Italian Mind 2013 – LE FERRE promoter and popularizer of activities for regional oilgastronomic deposits as tools for economical cultural tourist development.”


YEAR 2012

  • Oils of Italy guide GAMBERO ROSSO 2012
    “To the nose, the Multivarietale expresses maturity but, with smell of tomato paste and fruit, however promise a certain dynamism. To the palate, resumes in liveliness, expanding with a nice body with aromatics scent of herbs and vegetables components, mantaining a certain reference admittedly mature. Overall it is in line with a spicy a little bit more persistent.
    The monocultivar Coratina is a middle fruity, quite mature, but with fresh notes that still are not perceptible to the nose, with smells of cooked chard grass type. In the mouth it is by light sensations of almond and yellow fruit with a persistent bitter and an ending astringent. Even at the nose palate recalls the toasted wood.”

[pag. 310]



  • Oils guide SLOW FOOD 2012
    “The company produces four monocultivar, including the Coratina, Coratina extra virgin, that smell comes with intense fruity aromas. Mouth is filled by bitter note of thistle refined by impressions of green apple that go to interest a thin and silky pasta. The intake of spicy, light, persists pleasantly in the aromatic ending. “

[pag. 301]






  • Oils extra virgin of olive of Puglia guide TIRSOMEDIA 2012
    Multivarietale: the green color with living yellow reflections introduces green and fresh oil perfumes. The note of tomato leaf are clean and of a good intensity. To the palate it is coherent, giving more vegetable feelings that complete a profile of great pleasure. Harmonic in the sensation of bitter and spicy, both well-presented but not nosy.
    Coratina:visually green with light yellow shades, it is provided by perfumes not particularly intense but clean and thin.”

[pag. 88]

ANNO 2011

  • Oils of Italy guide GAMBERO ROSSO 2011
    “The monocultivar Leccino is a middle fruity, harmonic and pleasant, that to the palate it is sweet with vegetables notes and a moderate perception of bitter and spicy.
    In the Coratina, middle fruity, the nose is dominated by sensations of a ripe fruit, which arise in the mouth with bitter and spicy in good balance.
    The Multivarietale (Leccino, Frantoio e Ogliarola) is a light fruity, sweet with smell of almond. The taste you feel is a light bitter and spicy, without complexity.”

[pag. 270]





  • Oils guide Slow Food 2011
    Coratina: : intense perfumes of green oil and artichoke announce a rich taste, a full body and a fluid paste, with presence of lively bitter (returns artichoke) and of a balanced spicy on sweet background.
    Leccino: to the nose, it is with intense fruity smell of apple. In the mouth it is pleasant, dense, with sweet smells just reached by light bitter notes of grass.
    Multivarietale: : to the nose, it presents grassy aromas balanced by essence of almond. The flavor is sweet, delicate, with very sliding paste accompanied by light bitter notes and tips of spicy. “

[pag. 341]




  • TIRSOMEDIA 2011. Oils extra virgin of olive of Puglia guide 2011
    Multivarietale: the green brilliant color with yellow flashes mentioned is very endearing. The blend of Leccino, Frantoio and Ogliarola shows his character by presenting olfactorily with delicate and light perfumes. In the mouth, it is thin, simple and pleasant, with a very soft paste and an almond mention in the ending, that adding to sensations mainly sweet.
    Coratina: it shows its character also without being very fruity, as instead happens in that “from Bari”. The mature fruit shows his fullness in a soft and wrap paste, from which rise notes of mature apple and dried fruit. Well-balanced and pleasant sensations of spicy and bitter.”

[pag. 100]