Fallacies on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. If an oil is extra virgin, then it is good.

WRONG! – Not all the extra virgin olive oils are the same. As wine quality varies from the ordinary table to the gran crù wine, also oil quality depends on the olive type, variety, ripening level and storage.


2. Is a first pressing extra virgin olive oil a special oil?

WRONG! – All the extra virgin olive oils derive from a first and unique pressing.


3. Is a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil a very good oil?

WRONG! – The use of machines, keeping the working temperature less than 27°C, is very important, in order to obtain a good quality oil.


4. Is the colour indicative of oil quality?

WRONG! – The colour only depends on the olive type, ripening level and extraction process. Basically, oil colour is green with more or less intense yellow shimmers.


5. Is a “throat-tingling” extra virgin olive oil an inferior quality oil?

WRONG! – Tingling is a peculiarity of fresh oils with health substances and natural antioxidants, such as poliphenols and vitamin E.


6. Can be the acidity by tasting-noticed?

WRONG! – The acidity can be only measured by means of a chemical analysis, without any relation to the oil taste.